CloudEasy V2 - A new way to learn together and collaborate

CloudEasy V2 - A new way to learn together and collaborate

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·Oct 5, 2022·

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Let me begin by thanking each member who joined and trusted our community in the last eight months. It's been an exciting journey, and I loved each moment. During this time, I have connected with more than 200 developers (with varying experience levels) and exchanged notes on various problems they face daily. We also discussed the expectations everyone has from their tech careers and the multiple paths they are exploring to achieve those. I thank you all for giving your valuable time to participate in our user interviews and helping us better understand the problem we set out to solve. Apart from this, in the last quarter, we were able to cross a combined content reach of 20k+ on LinkedIn, 7k+ on blogging platforms, and ~1k views on youtube. I thank everyone who directly or indirectly participated in getting us these numbers.

Where are we heading next?

After carefully understanding the problems faced by developers, we have taken certain pivotal decisions. You can find the exact details of where the platform is heading in the links mentioned at the end of this blog post, but let me give you a TLDR version -

  1. All the content on our platform will always be free of cost - This includes all the courses, posts, blogs, videos, mentorship and guidance.
  2. We will curate only the best quality content available - And cut through all the general noise on the internet. CloudEasy will never be like social media or blogging platforms where you must scroll past 10s of posts (or content pieces) to find something good. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the content quality is worthy of your time.
  3. We will learn something new every week - On the new community platform, we have a dedicated section called - Topic of the week. This section will pick a new topic each week and explore it in depth.

The above decisions will help us solve the "learning" part of the motto - "Learn by building something new every month". For the "building" part, we have something exciting in the pipeline, and we will announce it soon.

More details

We have created a dedicated section on the new community platform called "About the club". It will give you answers. For reference, you can go through the following links -

How can you help?

You can help by referring members to our discord channel and WhatsApp groups. Please find the invite links below -

You can also help us by reporting bugs on the platform. Please add all the bugs as comments in this thread

Feel free to ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn if you have any questions.

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